An exceptional take on the contemporary ryokan concept. Serene environment, polite and multilingual staff, great food and onsen, beautiful interior design, just excellence all around and a very special experience. 

Tokyo, Japan
$500-$900/night (Sakura) • $200 10-course tasting menu

Sakura Room • Bedroom

Bedside controls for room lighting and blackout shades. Power outlets hidden on the underside of the nightstands. Everything about the room is high tech, from the one way mirror that houses the television, to the electronically frosting bathroom glass walls, and it's all deliberately hidden to play up the traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Incredibly small trash bin, Beoplay bluetooth speaker.

Casual kimonos are provided to wear around the hotel.

Waterproof tattoo covers for the onsen.

Sakura Room • Bathroom

Toilet is located in a separate room across from the bathroom, with another extra tiny trash bin.

Shared lounge

A central lounge on each floor has complimentary snacks, drinks, tea and ice cream. We were told it was designed to feel like a traditional grandmother's home.  A complimentary breakfast of onigiri, miso soup and pickles can also be requested here each morning until 10AM.

Chocolate covered ice cream balls in the freezer.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Dining

Dining at the hotel was a surreal and intimate experience, the entire B1 floor is dedicated to the "restaurant" with private rooms scattered throughout the floor. A single server is the only person you'll see for the entirety of the meal.


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